Smid Lambrechtstraat 1 - 9406 Outer - Belgium

The renovated manor-court radiates calm, style and class. Through an excellent combination of classical architecture and modern design the house exudes a calm atmosphere. Within the nineteenth-century context, you discover a lot of contemporary Belgian artists such as Conrad Tinel, Hugo Pauwels, Wouter Boulanger, ...

In the morning you can enjoy Francine's extensive breakfast with homemade organic bread, fruit and various delicacies in the dining room or in the garden. Francine has led for years an organic bakery where up to 40 types of bread were offered to the customer.

In the evening you can stay in the cozy sitting area with fireplace. With a glass of wine you enjoy music, your preferred television programme or simply a nice book. Your hostess Francine will make sure that you are at home in the KRINGELHOF.